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Travelocity Reviews

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  • Non responsive customer service.

    I've tried repeatedly with Travelocity customer to get help with my reservation. I understand they have no control over the Airlines changing their schedule. However, I explained to multiple reps that I'm traveling with a child and can't sit in an airport from 7am (original flight) to 7pm (new flight). I've explained as they should know that this is a one-way ticket for which they should be able to at least accommodate me and find a comparable ticket. That's what they claim on their website "when schedule change occur, we will work closely with your airline to... More...
    Kerrym's Picture   Kerrym    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity costumer service

    I loved Travelocity till today. I spent today all day and better part of my evening to try buy a ticket with a credit that Lufthansa owes me. Sounds simple, right. It turned out to be a mission impossible! Only thing what I got today, was lots of run around by many different agents, tons of waiting time and same question asked over and over again. One of them even told me that my new ticket with a credit will be $7000.00. Actual price is little over $600.00. Finally, many hours later I was promised that this problem will be taken care of tomorrow. I do not see the problem personally. I just... More...
    Paatsa67's Picture   Paatsa67    0 Comments   Comments
  • Biggest scam ever

    I booked a trip to Las Vegas through Travelocity and even bought their trip insurance believing (the way that it is written) is that my package was covered if I had to cancel for any reason. Well, I had to cancel but their insurance is only for "medical and dental and stuff like that" said their representative. So, I lost $400 for the change fee on American Airlines, no refund of my hotel, period - since Travelocity and not the hotel has a three day notice of cancellation policy (they don't tell you that when you call). The only refunds I received were car rental, trip... More...
    Zopher's Picture   Zopher    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity flight changes

    I already had round trip flights booked and had to change the first one. I only needed it changed 24 or 48 hours earlier. I spoke with a representative and the supervisor who could provide nothing more than robotic scripted responses. They never asked me WHY I needed to make the change or if I could fly into another airport. They offered absolutely NO solutions other than a refund that needed to be used within nine months. What?!?!? Horrible customer service and it cost me a grand to change my flight 24 hours earlier (we had an unexpected death in the family). They should be ashamed of... More...
    dolfin's Picture   dolfin    0 Comments   Comments
  • Car Rental

    My car rental contract stated the coast for 8 days would be $183.00, I paid 99.00 upfront. I was to pay the remaining 84.00 upon car pick up. I was charged $450.00 deposit for insurance and $433.33 for car rental on top of amount aleady paid to Travelocity. The total upfront coast to rent this car was $983.33 dollars. 450.00 was credited back to me upon return of the car however I was still charged 533.33 for a Chevy Aveo. The car had no fuel and was in very poor condition, when I was told I would be receiving a Nissan Sentra for $183.00 Dollars. When I inquired about the additional coasts... More...
    wehbe1985's Picture   wehbe1985    0 Comments   Comments
  • Why would anyone book a flight with Travelocity instead of direct with the airline?

    I booked a total of 4 itineraries with Travelocity for flights to Europe to coincide with a Mediterranean cruise. The first leg was from DFW to Madrid which routed me thru Chicago where I flew Iberia to Madrid. From Madrid we booked a new itinerary with Iberia to Barcelona. The Iberia flight from Chicago took off one hour late cause us to miss the connection in Madrid. Iberia refused to re-book us on a later flight at the same price or even credit it us with the price we had already paid, so we had to buy brand new tickets at additional cost of over $500. The reason they gave us was that... More...
    cmuniz486's Picture   cmuniz486    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity Bait and Switch

    We had some questions about resort fees and parking fees before we booked our trip to Costa Rica so we thought we'd call and talk to an agent. While on the phone the agent quoted us $5,800 for our entire stay (16 days-which was so much cheaper than what was advertised online) but by the end of the call, after reviewing the travel details meticulously (my husband is a perfectionist), and asking SEVERAL times to verify that the total price would be $5,800, my husband gets an alert from his credit card that it had just been charged $6,959.69. We still had "Mike" from... More...
    chgee's Picture   chgee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Very frustrating travel experience.

    I recently traveled to Slovenia and Austria with a 1.5 year old child. Frustrating in and of itself, but Travelocity made it the worst travel experience that I have ever had. They did something wrong with the way that they linked the child to my ticket. We had to wait in line at the ticketing agent at EVERY SINGLE layover, plus the rebooking on a cancelled flight for about an hour to have them figure it out. Who knows what they could possibly be typing on their computers for so long or who how many different managers they might need to call on the phone. We almost missed 3 of our flights... More...
    erinepics's Picture   erinepics    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity hotel booking

    I tried to use a coupon I found on to book a hotel room through Travelocity. The coupon was successfully applied on the listed rate and so I went ahead and booked the room, only to discover that travelocity had billed me for the full amount - no coupon in sight, and I was billed for the same rate I would have gotten through the hotel (without having to pay upfront and with the ability to cancel if I needed to, unlike travelocity!!!!). I call right away, only to spend 40 minutes on the phone (on hold, etc) talking to an unhelpful agent. She takes forever to find my reservation and... More...
    madthomas's Picture   madthomas    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service

    I booked a vacation package for our family of 4 including flight, hotel and car. We received notification from travelocity that US Airways had canceled the flight. When I called the phone number provided (which turned out to be multiple times after disconnections), the automated system never sent me to the correct department. Multiple holds and transfers were required. At one point, a representative stated "thank you for calling Expedia". Another time I connected to a voicemail system that stated "customer service was available from 8 am to 5pm". When I finally... More...
    akmodra's Picture   akmodra    0 Comments   Comments
  • Online Travel Booking

    While on vacation in Italy on March 19, 2015, I got an email from Travelocity telling me to call them re: my return flight home scheduled with Lufthansa which was scheduled for Friday, March 20, 2015. I called them back and spoke with them for over three hours (until 1:30 in the morning Italy time). It seems Lufthansa and the airlines out of Italy were on strike and they cancelled my flight from Pisa to Munich. They told me there was no way they could book me on another flight because of so-called %u201Crestrictions.%u201D They told me they could get my out on a flight with Lufthansa either... More...
    dmotts's Picture   dmotts    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity people are complete idiots

    Do not book anything through these people! Total idiots working. Don't bother calling. No one speaks English anyway! I was on hold for over an hour and a half and got nothing accomplished. Travelocity changed all our flights and wouldn't let us change them saying they were out own voluntary changes! I even spoke to two managers. Trent and jasmine. They are clearly not capable of working for anyone let alone a company that plans travel! More...
    Mamastans's Picture   Mamastans    0 Comments   Comments
  • Over charge credit

    Travelocity had over charged my credit card for $118 in May 26 14 for a carnival cruise from charleston , my ID# 64143X48403X when I was booking on the phone and looking at the same wed page with their Travelocity EXPERT agent. It was $1665.35. Unfortunately ! After the cruised , when I checked my credit card statement ,that showed $1773.35 charged. I called, emailed, talked to Manager...all of them are end up with ; it is fine , just wait , we worked on it .... Until now , I talked to several of their representatives who were extremely rude to me. they never credit back to me and try to... More...
    Dydy2014's Picture   Dydy2014    0 Comments   Comments
  • Over charge

    Travelocity had over charged my credit card for $118 in May 26 14 for a carnival cruise from charleston , my ID# 64143X48403X when I was booking on the phone and looking at the same wed page with their Travelocity EXPERT agent. It was $1665.35. Unfortunately ! After the cruised , when I checked my credit card statement ,that showed $1773.35 charged. I called, emailed, talked to Manager...all of them are end up with ; it is fine , just wait , we worked on it .... Until now they never credit back to me and try to deceive, bully, cheat to me . Everybody plz be carefully when you book with... More...
    Dydy2014's Picture   Dydy2014    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity over charged my card - no refund was done

    I booked a flight to Toronto from Edmonton on March 5, 2014 for a trip that took place last June 10. When I booked the flight, my credit card was charged more than the flight listed price and when I called to inquire about it, I was told there was a glitch in their system that time and a lot of customers were affected, and that there's nothing to worry about cause it will be refunded back in 3-5 business days. After a week, I called travelocity again and they said it will take about 2 weeks for the credit back. I was asked to send a copy of my bill statement which I did, but still,... More...
    jambryx's Picture   jambryx    0 Comments   Comments
  • Institutional incompetance

    We had a flight booked from portland me to NYC. We recieved an e mail the day of the flight that our flight had been cancelled and rebooked for the following afternoon (we would miss our event) We followed company procedure called the appropriate numbers and had the following experience. On hold and disconnected repeatedly from 1:00 pm till after 6:00 pm The only way I got to speak with a supervisor was after choosing the option to purchase a new trip ( wait time of less than 2 minutes vs over an hour and a half on the service line The supervisor offered no solutions... More...
    Annoyedinme's Picture   Annoyedinme    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ticket Name Correction from Shortened First Name to Full

    I don't even know where to start. A family member booked several flights for a family trip to the Czech Republic in June. He is a very experience international traveler so I felt completely comfortable letting him have the task. When he emailed me the itinerary, from Travelocity, I noticed he booked using my shortened version of my name rather than my full name as it appears on my passport. It was past the 24 hour window but I still was not in a panic because I thought, even if a fee applied, it would be an easy fix. He had anticipated a page following the page that booked it asking... More...
    kimber21's Picture   kimber21    0 Comments   Comments
  • worse customer care ever

    its has been three months now since we first booked a cruise with travelocity. Over 50 hours of phone calls and endless emails. Travelocity screwed up our booking, took money out of our account 10 days early overdrafting and bouncing whole bunch of our checks. Danielle Hunter ( customer care manager) lied to us and told us they will coverd the bank fees and that the check was mailed when it still hasn't. One of tTravelocity's supevisors had an attitude and canceled our booking (we didn't find out about it for couple of days). Travelocity refused to offer us anything for all... More...
    RobertZ's Picture   RobertZ    0 Comments   Comments
  • NEVER book through Travelocity!!

    I booked my very first flight online at the beginning of January. I found a roundtrip ticket for $727.00 to where I was traveling to. I booked it online, got the confirmation email & thought everything was booked & great. Half an hour later I get a call from an agent at Travelocity telling me the price of the ticket that I purchased has gone up to $780.00. After arguing with this agent on the phone for 15 mins & telling him that their company should be honoring the price that I purchased online I ended up having to pay the $780.00 for this trip. I got another email confirmation... More...
    Acoya's Picture   Acoya    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity DO NOT EVER USE

    Do not ever use Travelocity. My daughter booked a hotel through Travelocity. Due to winter storm we needed to re book our trip. Jason, from Travelocity stated that they could not due this because it was too late. I call the hotel and they stated that Travelocity does this all the time and that Travelocity needed to fax them a request to be able to book a room on a different date. I call Travelocity back and this time they stated that they would fax the hotel and change the reservation and called me back in 2 to 4 hours....Guess what not one phone call back. Today I have repeatly... More...
    Brothers1's Picture   Brothers1    0 Comments   Comments
  • worst experiene ever!

    Booked a "surprise" hotel and what a surprise we got. You don't get the name of the hotel until it's paid so when I heard a Quality Inn I was ok until we arrived there. It was the dirtiest place I have ever been in. Anyway this is about Travelocity... After being in the hotel for one night I decided my family was not going to be there one more minute. Called Travelocity and spoke to a person that barely spoke English (their calls are answered overseas) they transferred me to a supervisor again language barrier! He said that he would call the hotel and see if he could... More...
    JulieZ's Picture   JulieZ    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travlocity showed no compassion

    In July 2013, my family booked 2 nights in a hotel in Milan, through Travelocity. We had booked a vacation in Italy and Switzerland for my husband's 50th birthday and were passing through Milan for 2 nights. We had a very tragic death in the family and lost my dear brother at the very young age of 40. We had to cancel our vacation, due to the funeral, etc. Travelocity refused to refund our money on the hotel. We spend tens of thousand with this company every year and the total hotel cost was less than $400. Travelocity showed no compassion and refused to help us. We even asked for a... More...
    priti8888's Picture   priti8888    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity: appalling customer service

    My itinerary was changed 5 times. The final itinerary resulted in a 4-day difference from my original booking. The number left on my voicemail connected me with a United liaison who informed me that I needed to hang up and call Travelocity. (After being on hold for an hour) When I called to secure an earlier flight than the one assigned to me, the customer service rep talked over me and therefore attempted to charge me a change fee. I asked to change my flight destination from Durango to Albuquerque to avoid the 4-day delay. I was told this was an exception and would require a supervisor... More...
    PH1967's Picture   PH1967    0 Comments   Comments
  • deceptive advertising

    Travelocity is perputrating fraud. They advertise that they are selling you a 4 star hotel and then send you to a 2 star and below. And then they tell you, for their lies and deception, they can't do anything about it. And you can't cancel, even though this is not what you agreed to. It is the worst site. Customer service are all foreign people and the supervisor (if it is a supervisor ) in incredibly rude. The hotels they offer are the worst, and they rate it 3 and 4 stars. NO.WAY. They are horrible. I feel cheated. They say they are giving you 45% discount, etc., but you could... More...
    adecarvalho's Picture   adecarvalho    1 Comments   Comments
  • BEWARE of lies and poor customer service from Travelocity

    We used Travelocity to book a vacation to Cofresi Palm Beach Spa Resort in Puerto Plata, DR. We received confirmation via email that our all inclusive vacation for 2 adults and 2 children including flight and hotel was booked and fully paid. Prior to the trip in August, we confirmed the flights and the hotel reservations. We were assured that everything was fully paid and confirmed. The day of our trip everything was smooth with the flight and we were very excited to arrive at Cofresi to check in. When we gave our name, we were told that only 2 adults were paid for and we needed to pay... More...
    jlatorres's Picture   jlatorres    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Website

    Booked travel with my Travelocity account and was unable to change the traveling persons name. I booked a flight for my husband and it appeared to purchase tickets in his name but they weren't and Travelocity was unwilling to assist me. I had to go to the airline and pay a fine to change my flight information. The DOB was correct, the cell phone number correct but the FIRST NAME WAS WRONG and they would do nothing and refused to reimburse me!!! DO NOT USE TRAVELOCITY More...
    kerribecker's Picture   kerribecker    0 Comments   Comments
  • travelocity loses reservation and refuses to grant refund

    I reserved a room at the Hampton Inn & Suites, Amelia Island, Historic Harbor Front district using's web site. When I arrived, the Hampton Inn had NO RECORD of my Travelocity reservation, and they also had NO available rooms. The desk manager at Hampton Inn apologized, and even tried to comp me a room at the Ritz Carlton, only to find they were also full. The only available room on the entire island was in a hotel that was nowhere near as nice as the Hampton Inn, and it was not located in the historic district either. TRAVELOCITY, refused multiple requests for a... More...
    brdunn's Picture   brdunn    0 Comments   Comments
  • substandard accommodations through travelocity

    My husband and I were having our first vacation together in 20 years. We decided go to South Dakota and visit as many of the attractions there as possible. We booked a secret hotel room through Travelocity in Hot Springs for 6 days. We were thoroughly disappointed with the accommodations. First of all they tried to charge us for the room again even though it was already pre-paid.Our room had no fridge or microwave (the other rooms did), the screen on the window was ripped in numerous places. They did however replace this after we complained. There was no do not disturb sign, no pen and note... More...
    ozbobsox's Picture   ozbobsox    0 Comments   Comments
  • False Advertisment. NOT THE LOWEST PRICE> EVER

    Long story short. I paid $370 through Travelocity for a week at howard Johnson. I found out after I stayed, that the hotel itself charges $316 for a week. I called customer service, and they told me they have to make money too. LMAO> They have to make money for me to go online and reserve a room, which is the same process for the hotel web site. This is straight up false advertising saying they are the lowest price guaranteed. Im so tired of business' taking advantage, and breaking our laws, and rights. I hope these guys fall hard. More...

    I WISH I RECEIVED AS FAST A RESPONSE FROM SOMEBODY TRYING TO GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK AS I DO WITH Y'ALL DELETING MY COMMENTS/ COMPLAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just came to realize Travelocity is a SCREWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They screw people for a living!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't get help from upper "supervisors" because nobody is "privileged" to give out their name and number!!!!!!!!!! what kind of bootleg customer service is that????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S NOT!!!!!!!! The lady said she could only transfer me but that everybody in the "solutions" office... More...
    SWEETBERRYB's Picture   SWEETBERRYB    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity Scam Rates

    I booked a reservation for a trip to Europe and within 6 hours of the booking got a call from them saying the cost would be 20% higher than the fare I booked. This appears to be a scam.....entice people with low fares and then call them back to raise the price. This is not a company to trust, and they are after all, just an agency...and one with either very poor management or no scruples. The agent was obviously in some Asian country and could barely make herself understood. I have not seen my refund yet, but will be hounding them until it appears. More...
    abr9636's Picture   abr9636    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cancelling/changing flights and rude customer service

    Does anyone speak English, at least English I can understand? One CSR had to think of what his American sounding name was before he spoke with me" Hello, this is , uhm, Sam, may I help you?" Here's my complaint . I booked 4 tickets to South Bend for a graduation, my elderly parents and 2 of my sons to travel with them. Unfortunately my dad became ill and cannot fly. I wanted only to cancel my parents tickets, and change one leg of my sons' flight. After quite a while, the CSR came back and told me that it would be , get this, $2000 to change their departure. So I kept... More...
    jddmc86's Picture   jddmc86    0 Comments   Comments
  • one very lousy site

    you have allot of work ahead of you to get this site up and running. until you do, take it down. if doesn't work and is stabbing dragging down your already had name. from a business owners perspective you have allot of nerve messing with our reputation when you can't even get third site up to par with even the worst rating sites available out there. take it down. More...
    smokymtcat's Picture   smokymtcat    1 Comments   Comments
  • Don't pay upfront

    Don't pay money upfront to companies like Travelocity, Expedia, and others. If you cancell or miss the flight, they don't reschedule air tickets. (You will have to buy a new air ticket the same day or next) If you can't fly to the destination, you also loose the hotel and car payments. Travel insurance is costly. They reinburse only up to $500 per sick person. The rest of the travel party will have to go on with the vacation, or stay with the sick one. If they do not continue with the vacation, there is no refund. A smart way to plan for travel is this;... More...
    joelvet11's Picture   joelvet11    0 Comments   Comments

    I have been waiting for a refund for 6 days from a hotel stay that Travelocity wrongly booked for me. They said they would refund me in 48 hours. They also lied about the name of their supervisor and a number they gave me to call to get my refund. It was a reservation line number, not an office.The gave fraudulent number, no "Katie"....all the signs of lyng and fraudulent practice. I notified the FBI and reported them. I would suggest to anyone who has been wronged to do the same...maybe we can put them out of business More...
    MELO's Picture   MELO    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity bad business

    I ordered 2 trips from Travelocity and was told all rooms at Orange Lake Resort in Orlando Florida had a full kitchen in them. We looked on booking to find they had givin us a kitchenette with two children for two weeks of vacationing. So I called and brought this to the supervisors attention who's name was Michael. Michael informed me they would change this and shoulder all expense in his words. I waited 48 hrs called resort n had no change. I called Travelocity back n was told the phone conversation was never listened to n they would listen to it and call back in 24 hrs mind u I was... More...
    BUGMAN6564's Picture   BUGMAN6564    0 Comments   Comments

    This is the first and last time I use travelocity! And as far as I am concerned every person I know or come into contact with will forewarned of how much of a scam this website is. I cancelled a flight in april due to being extremely sick. I took the "credit" they offered. I am now trying to use the credit and it is not something you can look up yourself. You must call them but that is if you can understand them because I am positive they are not in America. And coming from someone who's second language is English I can usually be extremely patient but no one understands you... More...
    MelissaM13's Picture   MelissaM13    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity no refund, no callback

    I purchased tickets with AeroSvit airlines, through Travelocity. It has been 3 MONTHS since my flight was cancelled and I requested a refund. I called Travelocity at least 8 times, every single time being PROMISED to be called back and updated on the status of my refund. NOT A SINGLE CALL BACK, in 3 months. I spent hours of my personal and valuable time on the phone calling Travelocity Customer Care. My flight was supposed to be in one week, and I cannot buy new tickets until I receive a refund for the old ones. Its like they aren't "moving a finger" to resolve my problem. If... More...
    ViktoriaPet's Picture   ViktoriaPet    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity does not help with missed flight that luggage made

    We booked a flight through Travelocity. We have used Travelocity many times as we travel quite a bit, or book friends and family through them. We made it to the airport in plenty of time but missed our flight by 2 minutes. We were held up in security by 3 different people 3 different times for 3 different reasons. The first one the 3 of us 1 adult and 2 children were a group so we had to wait for others to go through first, then shift change came and the new security person made us wait again to let the shorter line go through. Then the pilots and crew had to go through so he made us wait... More...
    Treasures7's Picture   Treasures7    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity Changing Flights Highway Robbery!

    We booked our flights to Vegas for arrival on June 05, 2013, returning on June 10th, 2013. First, the prices on the site jumped from $420 per person to $440 per person. We booked anyway. Now, my step daughter informs us her high school graduation has been moved to June 8th instead of the previous date of June 6th. OK, we'll just switch our flights, right? Wrong! Not without being charged an additional fee of $190 per ticket! Let's keep in mind that today's date is March 8th, meaning we're not three days out trying to get special accommodations. We are THREE months away... More...
    missie77's Picture   missie77    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rising Cost of Incompetence

    I made a reservation online several days ago, and I got to a confirmation page that said my reservation had been made and that my payment had gone through. I thought I was good. Then, a couple days later, I got a call from India. Several people, none of whom spoke much English, went over the minutia of my reservation with me for a significant period of time. At the end of the exhaustingly tedious call, I was told that my reservation would be made and that they would take care of everything. The next day I got another voicemail from India. When I called back, I got someone with a... More...
    happygrl's Picture   happygrl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Travelocity - terrible customer service

    This was the first time I have used Travelocity to book a vacation package and I will never make that mistake again. I booked the trip package to Maui, Hawaii in September 2012 for January 2013. In November I got an e-mail to contact them because of a change in flight. I called them and talked to a person that I could not understand (Indian?) so I asked to talk to his supervisor, who I thought may speak English but I was wrong, he told me to call the Airline. I said that I had booked the package and paid them and they needed to solve the problem. He said I had to call the airline. In the... More...
    loganbob's Picture   loganbob    0 Comments   Comments
  • Canceled flight

    I bought airline (Aerosvit) tickets JFK to Kiev through Travelocity two month in advance. A day before the flight Travelocity had sent me a positive confirmation. Flight was cancelled which we learned upon arriving to JFK. No help for placing us on another flight was provided by Travelocity. This was a complete rip-off. We had to pay twice as much for next day tickets to Kiev on another carrier. More...
    Alexander111's Picture   Alexander111    0 Comments   Comments

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